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Lithuanian Centre for Human Rights (LCHR) is a non-governmental organisation based in Vilnius. LCHR has been working in the field of human rights for two decades. Since the foundation by private persons in 1994, LCHR focused on human rights education, advocacy and research, implementing numerous projects and activities in the field.

Equality and non-discrimination of people are fundamental principles that LCHR use in activities and work philosophy.

Main goals of LCHR:

  1. To disseminate knowledge on both European Union’s and international human rights protection standards, raise awareness, promote tolerance and respect for diversity in community.
  2. To strengthen society’s capacity to fight discrimination of exclusion groups and minorities.
  3. To raise human rights related questions, to initiate legal research and to provide possible solutions to legislature and government.

Organisational structure

The core of the association is our members, who make decisions during the General Members’ Meetings. LCHR Council and Administration are other branches of the structure. The executive branch of the association is Administration and LCHR Council is the body that guides LCHR’s policy.

Lithuanian Centre for Human Rights would not be as sufficient as it is without our interns and volunteers.

If you need more information on our activities, please contact us: