Stumbling stones for the Kleinšteinai family are installed on Maironis Street 21, Vilkaviškis.

Moisiejus Kleinšteinas was an active member of the Vilkaviškis community, whose family and himself were affected by the Holocaust.

Moisiejus Kleinšteinas was born in 1901. It is known that during his twenties, he was the principal of a Jewish eight-year school. In 1923, M. Kleinšteinas married a few years younger, Estera Solomina-Kleinšteinienė. The same year, he was elected to the city council, where he participated until 1939. The family had two children: in 1924, Zayevas was born, and after eight years, in 1932, Ranana.

Neither son nor father has not survived the Holocaust – both were killed on 28 July 1941 in the Vilkaviškis ghetto. Estera and Ranana were imprisoned in the Pilviškiai ghetto, from which they ran away and hid until 1944 in the Šakiai district.
Estera Kleinšteinienė died in 1964 and is buried in Sudervė Jewish Cemetery.
After the war, Ranana Kleinšteinaitė-Malchova studied Russian language and literature at Vilnius University. After her studies, she translated texts for several media organisations. Ranana died in 2014 and was buried in Sudervė Jewish Cemetery, just like her mother.

The Stumbling stones for the Kleinšteinai family are installed by the incentive of the Vilkaviškis children and youth centre’ director Elena Savickienė.