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The Jewish community in Prienai started to develop in the 16th century; it is known that in the 18th century wooden synagogue was built.

In 1897, 1190 Jews were living in Prienai; according to the census, that made up 48 percent of the residents. Engaged in crafts and trade, charity, actively participated in town’s political life and were elected to Prienai city’s council.

In the middle of August 1941, Jews were brought to Prienai from neighboring towns – Balbieriškis, Birštonas, Jieznas, Stakliškės, and Veiveriai.

On 27th August 1941, all the Jews from Prienai and neighboring towns were shot down in pine forests near barracks. Altogether, 1078 people were killed.

Rollkommando Hamann carried out the massacres – I Batallion 3rd company. The condemned were guarded and convoyed by local police and white-strippers (Lt. baltaraiščiai).

The Stumbling Stones in Prienai are installed for Bencionas Benas Šakovas and Libė Genė Šakovienė-Kacaitė (Vytauto St. 11). The installation was initiated by Joalita Jurkevičienė, Janina Leonavičienė-Paplauskaitė, and the Prienai District Municipality.